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Lil About me

I have completed my Engineering in computer science from the Methodist college of Engineering and Technology, moreover I'm a front-end developer. From my college days onwards I have been fascinated with the frontend with which I associate my professional future. Every day I try to develop myself and learn new skills through small projects. Recently I started acting as a freelancer.


Few of my projects

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My passion site

This is an responsive site, i built this site with the help of html,css and bootsrap.

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Dating site for Dogs

Everyone is aware of tinder. This site is tinder, but for Dogs. Click below button for know more .

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My city site

Hyderabad is the capital of southern India's Telangana state. its historic sites include Charminar, Golconda fort, Mecca masid and manymore.

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This site is built using html,css and javaScript.

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Simon game

This is similar to simon game which is an electroic game.

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My First website

This is non responsive site and my first site.

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Personal activities

my hobbies include boxing, swimming, and traveling. I'm an inter-state boxing champion and university silver medalist in boxing.


Boxing makes you physically fit as well as increases your self-discipline. It gives you complete cardio-vascular workouts while training your upper and lower body.


Travelling helps me connect with new people, which helps to improve my interpersonal skills as well as I feel exotic in seeing places.


In my view swiming is excellence form of excercise. It has many benifits. Twice a week i went for swmimming.